Window Cling

Window Cling

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Static window cling uses static to hold the decal firmly in place and does not require any adhesive. The material will only cling on the back side of print. This product is ideal for POP signage on glass or other similar types of smooth and clean surfaces. It is recommended to wet the installation surface to ad ease in installation.


  • Maximum Size: 52" X 100'
  • Resolution: High Resolution UV Printing.
  • Print: Printed on one side only.


  • Premium Window Cling

    Thickness: 0.17mm or 0.008 Inches


Q: Does your window cling have any adhesive?

A: No, our Window Cling material relies on static electricity. it is recommended for use on clean, smooth surfaces such as glass.

Q: Is this material available on a matte finish?
A: Yes, this product is in a matte finish.